How Samsung Looks to Revolutionize the Smartphone Industry

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The electronics giant just can’t help itself. While Samsung’s newest iPhone competitor, the Galaxy S6, has not even been released in the United States yet, new rumors have begun swirling about a new smartphone, set to hit the market in 2016, that could revolutionize the industry.

According to reports by a Korean business journal, Samsung is currently developing a completely foldable smartphone that would be released next year.

Yes, you read that right. According to an unnamed official at the company, Samsung is developing a phone that can be bent and folded into whichever shape the user wants. Depending on where you stand, that sounds either futuristic or an April Fool’s joke at Apple’s expense – after all, it was only a few months ago that reports of a bending iPhone 6+ damaged the company’s reputation for technically superior products.

Of course, the report may not end up true. Similar rumors swirled last year about a release in 2015 and never materialized. And as Digital Trends points out, while a bendable screen may be possible, bendable processors, cameras and batteries present more difficulties.

With that being said, Samsung is already accepting pre-orders for the Galaxy S6 Edge, which has a curved display. This might lend some credence to the foldable phone rumors.

What will come to fruition? Will Samsung’s bendable phone be the next revolution in an industry that has seen a mind-bending amount of innovation in the last few years, or is it just an unsubstantiated rumor designed to keep the company in the news during the Galaxy S6 release? However you answer that question, one thing is clear: we are entering an age of technology in which even the seemingly most out-there rumors could be possible just a short time from now. It’s an exciting time for technology enthusiasts.

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